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The Labor Market Opinion (LMO) burdens the responsibility for issuing work permits to citizens and non-nationals.

Interested applicants who obtain a work permit will have to follow some requirements to be eligible for such a permit.

What is a work permit?

A work permit is a legal document issued by the Labor Market Authority (LMO) that gives foreigners permission to work in Canada.

The minimum validity of the work permit can be extended to the maximum that the work program means which is approximately four (4) years.

In order for a foreigner to have a chance to work or get work in Canada or other developed countries like USA, America, Australia etc., they need to have a legal document (work permit).

As they say, Canada is a central location or destination for many foreign employees looking for work or a job opportunity.

For those looking to work or looking for a job, Canada is the ideal country to apply for the chosen or lucrative job.

However, having a work permit in Canada does not mean that you are a permanent resident or Canadian.

To be a full-fledged Canadian citizen, you need to follow the procedures and guidelines of the Canadian Immigration Service.

While you are working and want to be a permanent resident of Canada, you need to complete the process

Note: Any person or foreigner can obtain or hold two valid work permits under International Experience Canada (IEC).

Procedures for obtaining a full qualification in Canada

Here are some steps to obtain a full qualification and work permit in Canada:

  1. Enter the site:
  2. Scroll down the page, a notification will appear
  3. It will indicate if you are eligible for the Canadian immigration option
  4. click on it
  5. Platform (application) will appear
  6. Fill in your requirements, for example, date of birth, name, email address, age, telephone, nationality and other provisions.
  7. No wrong requirements during filling
  8. While you are taking the first step
  9. Click next for more details.

Eligible to work in Canada

These are the citizens who are eligible to work below:

  1. Obtaining a work permit
  2. Married to a partner in Canada
  3. Graduate of the Canadian Institute of Education Designated

Candidate requirements to submit work permit

These are the requirements:

  1. Plan to work with a qualified employer
  2. Proof of eligibility to enter Canada
  3. Do not participate in criminal records
  4. It is not medically acceptable
  5. Show intent to leave after the work permit expires
  6. Proof that they support their families with the fund while in Canada.

Types of work permits in Canada

There are two types of work permits in Canada:

Employer’s work permits

This work permit allows you to work as an employee in Canada under the conditions set forth in the work permits; and he:

  1. How long can you work in Canada
  2. Your business location where you want to work
  3. The name of the employer you want.

Opening a work permit

This open work permit allows a person to know the exact amount of time to work for the employer, and entails the periodic time on the work permit.


The Open Work Permit allows the employer to work two jobs simultaneously and sixty (60) hours per week and gives good benefits.

However, the employer needs to work for one (1) year to be eligible; You cannot get a permit after working for six months.

Documents required for work permit

These are the documents below:

  1. Proof of status in Canada
  2. Labor market impact assessment
  3. Written job offer
  4. CV / resume
  5. Complex application form
  6. marriage certificates
  7. family proof
  8. Evidence that you need to meet the job requirements
  9. A valid copy of the passport
  10. Medical Examination Results
  11. Copy of educational certificates
  12. A recent passport size photo
  13. Evidence of financial means to stay in Canada
  14. Proof of payment of applicable government fees

Jobs in Canada with work permits

Here are the work permits for the jobs:

The Company’s name Winter 2022/2023 (Big White Ski Resort)
Eligible Medical Certificates, Valid First Aid Certificates
industry general
Type of the job full time
work hours Watch ($17.70 – $27.20)
salary $31,000 – $52,000
Site Canada
age factor 19 years old
work experience for a few years

Some work permits for the jobs below:

Ticket Collector

Job name Ticket Collector
Site Toronto Canada
salary $24.47 an hour

data entry clerk

Job name data entry clerk
Site Brampton City
salary $1,206 for a week

Student Employment Program

Job name Student Employment Program
Site Ontario
salary $563K – $1,274 per week

Microbiological Analyzer (Inventory)

Job name Microbiological Analyzer (Inventory)
Site Toronto, ON
salary $63,302 – $80,094 per year

Packaging Warehouse Assistant

Job name Packaging Warehouse Assistant
Site Kelowna, British Columbia
salary From 20 to 23 thousand dollars an hour

Laboratory Technician (Inventory)

Job name Laboratory Technician (Inventory)
Site Ottawa, ON
salary $57,547 – $80,094 per year

Filling Line Associate

Job name Laboratory Technician (Inventory)
Site Kelowna q
salary $17 – $18 an hour

room hostess

Job name Laboratory Technician (Inventory)
Site Toronto ON
salary $24.63 – $26.99 an hour

2022 Student Recruitment Program

Job name 2022 Student Recruitment Program
Site Ottawa, ON
salary $26,516 – $39,526 per year

stock control officers

Job name stock control officers
Site Canada
salary $40.25 an hour

Common opportunities for students

Job name Common opportunities for students
Site Ottawa, ON
salary $15.40 – $27.73 an hour

Guardian 2

Job name Laboratory Technician (Inventory)
Site Toronto, ON
salary $27.59 an hour

home renovator

Job name Laboratory Technician (Inventory)
Site North Vancouver
salary $25 an hour

Baggage Claims Representatives

Job name Baggage Claims Representatives
Site Dorval, Quality Control
salary $25.78 an hour


Job name Worker
Site Greater Sudbury
salary $ (estimated)

Author: license

Job name Author: license
Site Canada
salary $26.87 – $31.56 an hour

Author: statement

Job name Author: statement
Site Canada
salary $26.34 – $30.94 an hour


Job name bookkeeping
Site Canada
salary $25.00 an hour

Festival Coordinator

Job name Festival Coordinator
Site Toronto
salary $14.00 an hour

Conclusions for a work permit job in Canada

The work permit job gives concrete work volumes available and insight into those who participate in the following conditions.

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