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Get all vacant and latest factory jobs in canada. This article will help you secure and learn about diversity and inclusion in the workplace; Hence, explore the job market and stay updated with the latest vacancies.

That is why in this article all available and ongoing factory jobs for foreigners are brought to you at your fingertips to start applying if they are interested in you.

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Details of factory jobs in Canada

Canada offers many job opportunities in various exciting fields with the promise of fair salaries and excellent quality of life.

In some factory jobs in Canada, experience is not mandatory because you will get training, thus increasing your knowledge and opening more doors to greater opportunities.

Canadian Factory Jobs Great workplaces to meet new people, get to know each other, earn more money, have flexible working hours, and even get other additional benefits like insurance.

If you do well on the team and enjoy the idea of ​​a physically demanding role in one of the most popular Canadian factory brands, apply now.

Factory Jobs Available in Canada 2022/2023

1. Cheese factory workers

This is a collection of cheese factory jobs across different companies across Canada, and it includes

– The Fromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues
  • cheese maker: Fromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues is looking for a cheesemaker who will produce cheese in cheese processing plants and your role is to mix the ingredients, monitor the ripening process and test that the cheese is of the required quality.
  • cheese maker assistantFromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues is looking for a cheese maker assistant who will work alongside Head Cheese Maker to explore recipes or any product inconsistencies and help interns improve their practices.
  • Associated refining: Fromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues is looking for a refiner who will maintain and repair plant equipment.
  • Truck Driver (Testing Expert)
  • Pasteurization Operator And Laboratory
  • Hygiene and sanitation officer

How to apply

Currently, Fromagerie de l’Île-aux-Grues is having difficulties with the form, so to submit your application, please kindly send your CV by email to our Human Resources department at [email protected]

– Abbaye-de-Saint-Benot-du-Lac
  • Maintenance worker: Abbaye-de-Saint-Benoît-du-Lac is looking for a maintenance worker who will do general maintenance, repairs and minor repairs (plumbing, paint, carpentry, plaster, insulation, covering, etc.) and also reports to the maintenance coordinator.
  • Production operator: The company Abbaye-de-Saint-Benoît-du-Lac is looking for people of good physique, who are reliable, meticulous and precise, who are now available to work in the Abbaye Dairy Cheese Factory.

To apply for this position, you must use the application link provided below and complete the application form.

Apply now

2. Production worker – food factory

This is a set of production worker jobs across different companies across Canada, and it includes;

– Lasound
  • Factor production – Lassode is looking for a production worker, job training is provided for the position – Previous experience not required. Once hired, there is the ability to deploy and train for other positions.

The roles include;

♥ Perform a variety of manual tasks, which may include packaging and stacking products, counting bars into packages

♥ Perform basic troubleshooting and equipment cleaning

♥ Produce a product that complies with quality and food safety specifications.

  • Press and Filter Worker (full time)Lassonde is seeking this position and this candidate will be responsible for the operation of juice presses and related peripheral equipment.

The roles include;

♥ Blending juices to achieve or exceed customer specifications.

♥ All aspects of loading, final quality testing and paperwork needed to facilitate shipment of juice to customers.

♥ Monitor all relevant automated systems to be aware of proper performance.

Apply now

  • meat cutter: Johnston is looking for experienced meat cutters or butchers who are eager, dependable and have a positive attitude. You must be safety conscious in an excellent work environment with competitive wages and great benefits.
  • general factor: Johnston is looking for an enthusiastic, dependable applicant with a positive and safety-aware attitude in an excellent work environment

Apply now

3. Production workers – construction plant

– La Charpenterie Company

La Charpenterie Inc is your most preferred partner when it comes to construction in Quebec and the USA. Their Architectural Technicians offer a range of high quality products to assist you with your residential and commercial projects.

To join this organization, be a part of La Charpenterie Inc by submitting your CV.

Apply now

Star Building Materials Company
  • Manufacturing Factor – Wall Panels: Star Building Materials is seeking Manufacturing Laborer – Wall Panels, and will conduct general labor activities and provide support to the production team. You also help ensure that the work site is clean and organized.

Other roles

You work primarily in the factory.

The work is exposed to noise from equipment/machines, occupational hazards, dealing with inclement weather and dust.

Sometimes additional work may be required.

Use the link below to apply and view other current jobs.

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Other Factory Jobs in Canada 2022/2023

1. Value Village

– Affiliate processing At Savers/Value Village, their merchandise processing partners create a great experience for customers, donors, and other team members. They employ full-time and part-time jobs which may include:

  • clothes prices
  • clothes hanger
  • Material Handlers
  • merchandise rental
  • cargo reels

– Retail Warehouses and Production Associate At Savers/Value Village, their retail and production warehouse partners create a great experience for customers, donors, and other team members. They employ full-time and part-time jobs which may include:

  • warehouse production partners
  • Goods sorters and prices
  • Inventory Receivers
  • home appliances prices

Apply now

2. Job Bank Canada

Canada Job Bank helps connect job seekers with companies with job vacancies and here in this post there are more than 932 factory jobs to apply for.

To apply for any factory jobs in Canada, use the application link given below, depending on the company you wish to get work for.

Candidates who wish to apply for factory jobs in Canada must follow the recruitment process recommended by the factory.

The application process for a specific manufacturer may be online, so you need to submit a job application online from their jobs page, or you have to submit a handwritten job application by mail.

Apply now

Average Factory Salary in Canada 2022/2023

The average factory worker salary in Canada is $34,574 per year or $17.73 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $32,906 annually, with most experienced workers earning $40,560 annually.

Conclusion on Factory Jobs in Canada 2022/2023

You can check out the above lists of factory jobs in Canada 2022/2023, with the added benefits of your learning and working in a strategic environment.

Now is your chance, with this selection of Factory Jobs in Canada 2022/2023; You, therefore, have no restrictions on accepting it to start your business.

The above article gives important information about factory jobs in canada 2022/2023 to start submitting.

After searching, applying and finally hiring, you can enjoy an additional rich and rewarding dimension in your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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